Case Study


Multimedia Advertising Campaign

The Brief

Benetton came to Suburbia with the challenge to make their advertising more contemporary, luxurious and younger. They were a global brand that had not only lost market share and brand awareness, but also lost much of the personality and vigour previously associated with the brand.

The Solution

Suburbia conceived an immersive, multimedia fashion campaign based around the idea of young do-it-yourself musicians and their look. To maximise impact we created a visual ‘wallpaper’ concept whereby a leading graffiti artist created a series of multi-coloured backgrounds for the campaign. A selection of talent was gathered in London where they were photographed and filmed over four days. During this period, various fashion photographs, interviews and performances were captured, providing Benetton with a wealth of assets that were disseminated throughout their various media channels.

Edits of campaign films

The Result

As well as a stylish and innovative print and out of home campaign, Suburbia also created individual films of each subject. These films were supplied exclusively to different magazines and websites. We also created mini-versions that were posted to Benetton’s Facebook page. These were teased prior to the main campaign launch and, when shared, created their own powerful viral campaign. Significant PR was also attained by the interviews with both the musicians themselves and the work of the graffiti artist. The overall result was a modern and engaging campaign for a new Benetton generation.

Campaign film
Social Media Campaign Interaction
Social media campaign interaction